Big Vision – Starting Home Business

You must have a big vision when starting home business.   It doesn’t matter who we are we all need to look at the big picture, have a big vision of our business and our lives.

It is seeing what we want and then knowing we already have the success we are looking for it without proof in our hands.

Knowing the Success Will Show Up

Then we can happily go to work knowing this success will show up.  We aren’t expecting it today and probably not tomorrow but soon we will see evidence of it and our live will get better as we serve our customers and our team members.

Believe in yourself. Reach out to the group you are connected with. I will help you, they will help you. Have faith that you can do it, because you can. You have an internet connection and a brain in your head. Use the training, find more training for what YOU need.

Have Fun 

Finally have fun.  I don’t think I work much at all.  Some garden, moving the lawn, moving snow in season.   The normal things to do around the house.   My wife would say I work a great deal. All she sees is the time I spend learning and doing my business. But I say that I haven’t worked a day since I retired. I’m enjoying it too much.

Build yourself the business you know you were meant to have! If you have the desire for more in your life get some help with your big picture.  Contact me  for some guidance, see what I’m doing or do something else. It doesn’t matter.  But get some support from myself and my group.

Make a decision and go for it.  Make your vision come true.



Change Yourself – Changing Yourself Is Easy

Change Yourself, seems to be the goal of everyone today.  And really it is easy. If you think changing yourself is hard consider how hard it would be to change someone else?  Definitely easier to change yourself.

Change Yourself

To be successful you must change yourself.




Your online business, you want to start it but you never quite get it going.

That new job you were going to apply for, but never did.

You want to lose weight, exercise more, whatever it is that you want to do but aren’t doing.  All these simple changes that could be put in place but never do get done.

I’m going to suggest three simple ways to get this done.
1. Have it clearly in your mind WHY you want to change.

2. Are you certain that you are really ready to change?

3. As you see the change happening what would the positive outcomes be? Would it really be important to you and your, new, life after change to have this change take place?

Use This to Think About Your New Business

#1 why you want the change. First you are thinking about the income and how that money will help your family and yourself.

#2 tells you to be certain you want this change. Most of you may have been an employee in a business but never the manager or owner of the business?

My point is with a business where you are the owner YOU are the one responsible for its success. You lack skills, you can hire skills, but you MUST PROVIDE the drive and the consistent effort.

You cannot act or think like an employee. When your hours are up you are going home not to think much about your business until the next day.

But as a business owner especially a new business owner that is not how it works. You must make it work whatever it is as you often don’t have others to do it for you.  Again the question.  Do you want this change?  Maybe your answer to more income for your family is for you to get a part time job? Maybe being responsible for your business is just not for you?

Finally with #3. What would happen if your ran a successful business. Probably take over a year to get a good return, perhaps several years.  However when you succeed the income would be significant for you and your family.

The outcome would be better for the business over the part time job. That part is true but it would take some time for the results of the business to be clear.

The question really is can you be an entrepreneur?   If you are stuck in the employee mindset you need to free yourself from it.   A crucial point here. If you can’t start thinking like a business person and loose the employee mindset you will not be able to run a successful business.  Make the right choice for you.

Feel you need some help deciding?  Contact me.  We can talk about what you might do and be connected with others who are working through this problem.

Don’t Wait for Nothing – Make Your Today Great

Don’t Wait for Nothing.   I was struck by a tweet I read this morning as I was getting off the phone with someone who just couldn’t bring himself to do anything with his business until after the new year.

Every Morning a New Beginning

Don’t Wait for Nothing

Every morning brings a new day.  I’m an older fellow now every day seems more important than it did thirty years ago.   I can only speak to those who watch my videos read my blog and talk to me on the phone to make good use of their time.   Remember all our time here has a limit.

I Can Only Encourage You to Take Action

I am encouraging you to take the action you need to take.  I see some take the action and succeed marvelously.  Others hesitate, hesitate always.  No matter what your business without action your business is, nothing.

This quote from Napoleon Hill always helped me:    “Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.”

I have tools to help ,  certainly, but don’t worry about my tools or tools that anyone is offering.  If you don’t make a start with your business, and build a consistent effort  you are wasting your time.

Decide now to get started.   Contact me to get support.  I’m here to help you no matter what you are doing.

Maybe you have started but you don’t know why there is no success?  That happens too.  I can help there too, contact info above.

Remember don’t wait for nothing.  Get those thoughts out of your mind, decide you WILL SUCCEED.  Make a start today in the business of your choice.  Use me as a resource.  Need some help, lean on me and my team.  We have great resources to let you have.  Start Now.






Worrying About Future Events

Worrying About Future Events?   Why would you worry about sea sickness?  If it is going to happen it is going to happen.

We live in an isolated area of southeastern Labrador. When we go OUT to a major centre we have to take a ferry for 1 1/2 hours then drive 4-5 more hours to get to Walmart, actual shopping malls, the Vet, which is why we went this past week and other services not available locally.

Don't be overwhelmed by problems that may happen. If the problem occurs fix it.

Our ferry the Apollo crosses the Strait of Belle Isle between Blanc-Sablon Quebec and St. Barbe, Newfoundland



It is mid October the fall of the year the weather is changing the winds are rising and there will be days, sometimes days on end when the ferry cannot make the crossing.  As it was both going and coming were rough crossings much talk about meds for sea sickness much thought and worry about it.

Me I went to sleep, woke up a couple to times. Some of those around me were not sick but were clearly expecting to be any minute.  They were worrying about future events.

It hit me that this behavior is very much like many of us in our businesses. We are thinking and expecting trouble, problems of all kinds with our business. Just like those dithering about the sea sickness that they might have enroute.

They waste energy talking and thinking about problems that they don’t really have. We see people otherwise good business people struggle and do nothing as they are afraid to risk anything, even their time, to make a project work.  And certainly not money to learn new skills or new programs that would make their business better and better.

Your fear comes from thinking about what will happen, not what is actually happening.  If you do this YOU are worrying about future events.   Watch the present, stay in the present and the sea sickness and the rest will pass away.  When a problem presents itself in the present then act on it, fix it.  But don’t sit and worry about what might happen.

Help is around for you.  Support is around for you.   Look at what you can do look at the help that is available from me and others in my group.

Can There Really Be a Right Time?

You are waiting for the right time but, can there really be a right time? Starting your home business.  Is just that a matter of starting your business.    So many of us agonize over if or when or what to start that we never do it.  We never start at all.

So what are you doing if you aren’t working on your business?

Hopefully you are working and have some sort of job. But some of you are thinking about escaping the job more and more. Time to be with your family, time to do the things you really want to do, money to pay off the debts that are hounding you now, money for upcoming retirement, money in retirement, money to help your kids, money for travel. I hear all sorts of reasons why you need more income in your life. And yet many cannot, will not commit to a home business that will fullfil those needs.

So what is your secret I am asked? There is no secret. Just treating your business like a business, not some hobby that you do when there is nothing else to do. A business that you do everyday, that is so much a part of you that you are thinking about ways of doing, ways of improving all the time. You can take a break, after all you are boss, but you will find yourself thinking and doing little bits here and there even though you are on holiday.

Those of you who are working, stay working, do your business outside of working hours. Your job is funding your business until your business can fund you. Don’t leave your job to quickly. Make sure your business is solid and dependable then leave your job, if you wish.

You have no business until it starts and no success until you can commit to it fully.

So I’m encouraging you to start your business, whatever it is. But at the end what happens if you don’t follow through? You have lots of reasons for not starting your business. Too busy, too tired, too costly all reasons I have heard. What I have found is that those who have not started, have gone back to the easy path, the path of least resistance.   They got their little raise, maybe they got laid off or downsized. But most are exactly where they were when they considered the business, six month, one year, two years later. They say two things: Oh, you are still at it?  And secondly express surprise that you are making a good income and regret that they didn’t start.  The result:  Some want in right away, some are still stuck and they cannot bring themselves to commit to a home business and make it successful.  The question again is:  Can there really be a right time to start your business?  Of course there is a right time, now is the right time, a month ago was the right time.

Where are you in all of this?  You have started but not really committed to make it successful. Better do that now.

You haven’t started? Better start but most importantly where ever you are make sure you realize that you must change and commit to making your business work, doing whatever is necessary and getting the help you need to make it work.

Start now.





Customer Traits – Just Who Your Customers Are

I cannot stress enough how important it is to carefully examine your customer traits.  Who exactly are your customers.

When I first started my business I was told to find my avatar.  I didn’t understand it.  Didn’t understand why I was told this.  As I saw it then it was my job to get as much content out there in as many different ways as I could.  I needed also to  plaster my links around.  Some people would of click on them.  Some might buy and I would make money.  Excellent, that was the plan.

Ah, but why would anyone who doesn’t know me click on that link above that I just plastered there.  And even fewer would look at that offer carefully if  they don’ t know me at all.  The link is there, it is clickable but few would use it.  Better to draw people in gently,  painstakingly, and let them see what you are like, what you know and they can make a judgement on how you can help them.   Use your email list, use your blog, fan page, videos and other social media to draw people to you.

Avatar, Customer Traits

The Avatar I Was Picturing



Many of us know this and understand it.  But I for one missed the piece on the avatar.   Being VERY specific on what and who your customer really is.  The word avatar confused me.  I pictured the movie, which I never saw, and had NO IDEA what what the movie was about or how the idea of an avatar for your business was important.

The help I received showed a very specific way of looking for my customer traits or business avatar.   So much so that it got down to the type of clothes they wore, what their Google searches were.  Everything they liked and didn’t like, their relationships.  A whole pile of stuff that was frankly exhausting to do.

Get Started on Your Customer Traits

But, once you get into it.  Once you start it is great.  You can’t stop you will be dragged along and your customer traits will become clearer and clearer to you .

Suddenly you get excited and realize that much of what you have been doing hasn’t been that effective.

You were doing something and that was important.   It is much better than doing nothing.  You learn something you don’t just sit on it you put it to use.  You may, in many cases,  find that it wasn’t exactly what you should have done.  Not wrong just needing adjustment.

Now I have a clear avatar I know exactly who my customer is.  I can place my content out there now like bread crumbs.   Those who find my content helpful will follow me.   I can adjust my content to the customer traits and point to how I can help solve their problems.

This is REALLY the issue.  You need to solve problems for people.  Without knowing who you expect to attract and what their problems are how can that work?

What does this mean for you?  I am suggesting that if you don’t have a detailed idea of exactly  who you think you are serving, who you want to attract to your business that you get that done.  It will save you time and help insure your business gets a better start.   Think about who you want to attract, exactly, who you want to attract.


Life Isn’t a Remote Get Up and Change the Channel

Life Isn’t a Remote Get Up and Change the Channel, was the class motto when I recently attended a high school graduation.  I knew one of the graduates for a number of years but hadn’t seen him since he was in grade 8.

What a difference!  He was a young boy then, now six foot 3 inches well over 200 pounds.  And a really nice young man.

So lets examine this motto in full:  Life isn’t a remote, you must get  up and change the channel yourself.  These young people have realized that at least their future lives will not be easily manipulated without their full input.

No more asking mom or dad, no more fooling around the edge of a decision. If you are going to change  your life;  go off to school, get work, change your job,  fall into and out of different relationships.  All the sorts of things a young person just out of high school will likely be doing or thinking of doing soon.  All of these things involve them making the move themselves.

They can’t wait for the  school to call them and ask them to come, they have to apply well ahead of time.   Few employers will come and ask a young person to come and work for them, you have to go and apply.  You, the young person must take action.

If the young person wants to work for themselves, just like adults they have to take action to make it happen.  If you have been reading my blog you know where I am going with this don’t you?

These young people already know this truth that many of us adults struggle with all the time.  The taking action piece.  Well really these young people are talking the talk.  If they will walk the walk is another question, and only time will tell for them.

But for the rest of us?   For goodness sake if you are sitting there thinking about why you can’t have your own business.  Consider your WHY.  Why do I want a business, a home based business.  Certainly those needs that you have for a business out weight the excuses, yes excuses you have for not starting your business.

Remember,  Life Isn’t a Remote Get Up and Change the Channel?  So like these young people are doing, get up and change the channel of your life.  If you don’t take action what happens?  Nothing happens, next month, next  year, two, three years from now you will have the same problems.  Perhaps the same job with the same concerns you have now.

Think about these young people.  They know they must change.  The rest of us, we are older stuck in our ways?  Yes perhaps but you can change, you can push your limits.  You will grow when you are uncomfortable, out of your comfort zone.   These changes are big enough in our lives that you can’t just use the remote. You have to get right in there and take action.


New Businesses Fail – Why

When new businesses fail the question always is why?  I’m hoping you want to explore this question with me and meet others on our team.

A group of us meet in a hangout on a Monday night at 8:00 pm eastern time.   And for next several weeks we will be focusing on this question:  “Why Do People Fail In Business.” That’s the topic for this week and its a part of a series “How To Build an Online Business From Scratch”.

The hangout is normally about one hour on a Monday at 8:00 pm eastern time a small group will go at this question along with others who can connect in the chat section.  This next week we will address new businesses fail and why they do fail.

Main Points:

  1. I don’t have enough Money
  2. I’m too busy no time
  3. I don’t have any experience
  4. I might fail and don’t want to fail
  5. I think that market’s saturated

You will by, the end, see possibilities.  And see how you can get your business started.   Can’t disclose it now but it really is easier than you think, no mumbo jumbo here just clear thinking and a clear path and the support you need.

Doesn’t matter what you are doing or not doing now.  You will benefit, fit this one hour into your schedule now.  Monday 8:00 pm eastern.

Need to connect with me now?   Or join my news letter to stay in touch with this important information and much more.

Springtime Labrador Straits

Springtime Labrador Straits, just a touch of spring.  We have had a slow melt which is good.  Not much mud.  Some other years we have had rain and much warmer along with the snow which caused heavy run off of the snow and rain together.   This year when it has been warmer for a couple of days.  It then froze again, keeps things from thawing too fast.  Good so far anyway.


  Soon to be garden in this early morning picture of 1 May 2017.   At the time it was -7 degrees C or about 19 degrees Fahrenheit.   A really cold morning for May.

Ordinarily our garden won’t go in until the last week of May.  Perhaps going into June this year as the ground has to be at least warmed up some.  In this small plot we grow two varieties of peas, broccoli, caulifower, spinach, a couple of varieties of lettuce, carrots, some onions in this plot.  We have another plot for onions and yet another for potatoes.


In the greenhouse will be zucchini, tomatoes, both green and very hot peppers along with cucumber and string beans.  Most of these seeds are started inside under lights.  We can put them out in the green house as weather allows.  Putting the seedlings in the greenhouse on a relatively warm day allows them to get extra sun and heat. But they would need to be brought back inside any evening for the next couple of weeks.  Gradually we will “harden them off” by exposing the plants to cooler and cooler temperatures.  All these plants normally grown here in the greenhouse will not produce or will simply die if left outside.   They all require the extra heat and shelter that a greenhouse provides.

When thinking of springtime Labrador Straits it is interesting to think that the problem we have with the greenhouse is with too much heat.  We built it a number of years ago after reading about how to design it.  Big fan at one end, floor vents fan inside and vent on the door but we still need the door open on a warm summer day, anything over about 22 degrees C everything needs to be open to keep the temperature moderate inside.


Springtime Labrador Straits, 1 May clearly is not the time to garden.  Maybe you wouldn’t want to garden under these conditions at all?  But just think of the challenges?   Think of all the positive mindset opportunities you have as a gardener or farmer anywhere.  Here we have enough rain.  In August we will have been here for 26 years and only one summer was there any fire danger because of lack of rain.

The opportunity to work on positive mindsets in your gardening at least equal the opportunities you have with your business.  I use the   Deep Abyss   daily to help me with my business mindset problems.  Making sure I am thinking straight.  Use your same strengths you have learned when dealing with early frosts or cutworm problems in your business or whatever you do.  It is really the same thing.  The problems, whatever they are will still be there.  It is how we deal with those problems that sets us apart from our peers.

Building Trust – Building Trust Is a Gradual Thing

Building trust with their customers is a major concern of any marketer.   I have different kinds of people land on my blog.  Some come from Twitter, Facebook, or through Youtube.  They have seen something and want to see more.  But then there are those people who have known me for years.  They come to look at my blog and and are puzzled.  Then I get a message.  So Joe, what are you selling?

I love this response.  Means I am doing the right thing.  I am building trust, attracting people to my content and they are bouncing around in it absorbing some I hope.  These folks are not quite right.   I do have a link at the top of the page in yellow on the right hand side that leads to a great program for which I am an affiliate.  But it isn’t conspicuous it doesn’t jump out and bite you.  I don’t lead with,  buy this.  I lead with,  come in and find what you need, ask what you want, get the help you need.




Good so people are looking at your stuff.  They are trusting you they see your name, they see good information.


Ah, but what about Distrust


Building Trust that you have been doing can be undercut by distrust that your people may feel.  If trust is fast or helps your business move right along, distrust will slow and stop your business altogether.

So what does that actually mean?  If you promote a program with claims that are unsubstantiated.   By cutting corners and saving time you are likely not saving time and advancing your business but setting your business back not driving it forward.

D. Hochman quotes one of her mentors as saying:  “To go fast go slow, to go slow go fast.”  Think about it and think about it hard.  Don’t push the edges.  Building trust is a gradual thing.  Keep your information reliable and your ethics front and center and you will grow.



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