You are waiting for the right time but, can there really be a right time? Starting your home business.  Is just that a matter of starting your business.    So many of us agonize over if or when or what to start that we never do it.  We never start at all.

So what are you doing if you aren’t working on your business?

Hopefully you are working and have some sort of job. But some of you are thinking about escaping the job more and more. Time to be with your family, time to do the things you really want to do, money to pay off the debts that are hounding you now, money for upcoming retirement, money in retirement, money to help your kids, money for travel. I hear all sorts of reasons why you need more income in your life. And yet many cannot, will not commit to a home business that will fullfil those needs.

So what is your secret I am asked? There is no secret. Just treating your business like a business, not some hobby that you do when there is nothing else to do. A business that you do everyday, that is so much a part of you that you are thinking about ways of doing, ways of improving all the time. You can take a break, after all you are boss, but you will find yourself thinking and doing little bits here and there even though you are on holiday.

Those of you who are working, stay working, do your business outside of working hours. Your job is funding your business until your business can fund you. Don’t leave your job to quickly. Make sure your business is solid and dependable then leave your job, if you wish.

You have no business until it starts and no success until you can commit to it fully.

So I’m encouraging you to start your business, whatever it is. But at the end what happens if you don’t follow through? You have lots of reasons for not starting your business. Too busy, too tired, too costly all reasons I have heard. What I have found is that those who have not started, have gone back to the easy path, the path of least resistance.   They got their little raise, maybe they got laid off or downsized. But most are exactly where they were when they considered the business, six month, one year, two years later. They say two things: Oh, you are still at it?  And secondly express surprise that you are making a good income and regret that they didn’t start.  The result:  Some want in right away, some are still stuck and they cannot bring themselves to commit to a home business and make it successful.  The question again is:  Can there really be a right time to start your business?  Of course there is a right time, now is the right time, a month ago was the right time.

Where are you in all of this?  You have started but not really committed to make it successful. Better do that now.

You haven’t started? Better start but most importantly where ever you are make sure you realize that you must change and commit to making your business work, doing whatever is necessary and getting the help you need to make it work.

Start now.