I cannot stress enough how important it is to carefully examine your customer traits.  Who exactly are your customers.

When I first started my business I was told to find my avatar.  I didn’t understand it.  Didn’t understand why I was told this.  As I saw it then it was my job to get as much content out there in as many different ways as I could.  I needed also to  plaster my links around.  Some people would of click on them.  Some might buy and I would make money.  Excellent, that was the plan.

Ah, but why would anyone who doesn’t know me click on that link above that I just plastered there.  And even fewer would look at that offer carefully if  they don’ t know me at all.  The link is there, it is clickable but few would use it.  Better to draw people in gently,  painstakingly, and let them see what you are like, what you know and they can make a judgement on how you can help them.   Use your email list, use your blog, fan page, videos and other social media to draw people to you.

Avatar, Customer Traits

The Avatar I Was Picturing



Many of us know this and understand it.  But I for one missed the piece on the avatar.   Being VERY specific on what and who your customer really is.  The word avatar confused me.  I pictured the movie, which I never saw, and had NO IDEA what what the movie was about or how the idea of an avatar for your business was important.

The help I received showed a very specific way of looking for my customer traits or business avatar.   So much so that it got down to the type of clothes they wore, what their Google searches were.  Everything they liked and didn’t like, their relationships.  A whole pile of stuff that was frankly exhausting to do.

Get Started on Your Customer Traits

But, once you get into it.  Once you start it is great.  You can’t stop you will be dragged along and your customer traits will become clearer and clearer to you .

Suddenly you get excited and realize that much of what you have been doing hasn’t been that effective.

You were doing something and that was important.   It is much better than doing nothing.  You learn something you don’t just sit on it you put it to use.  You may, in many cases,  find that it wasn’t exactly what you should have done.  Not wrong just needing adjustment.

Now I have a clear avatar I know exactly who my customer is.  I can place my content out there now like bread crumbs.   Those who find my content helpful will follow me.   I can adjust my content to the customer traits and point to how I can help solve their problems.

This is REALLY the issue.  You need to solve problems for people.  Without knowing who you expect to attract and what their problems are how can that work?

What does this mean for you?  I am suggesting that if you don’t have a detailed idea of exactly  who you think you are serving, who you want to attract to your business that you get that done.  It will save you time and help insure your business gets a better start.   Think about who you want to attract, exactly, who you want to attract.