Good Habits in your new business cannot be overstated.

I noticed this when I retired to a home business.  In my job there were things that I did everyday.  There was a plan laid out for me.   I did what I was told to do.   And my supervisor gave me feedback about the quality of my work.

Good Habits

Choose Your Path to Good Habits


My supervision was always at a distance and I knew I could change what I was doing within certain parameters to improve what I was doing,  perhaps getting a better result.  But the end results, and to some extent,  the daily routine was set.  I arrived at so and so a time.   Went to lunch at a time and you left in the afternoon at a particular time.

A change in my routine came when I visited people in their homes.  Great for me allowed me to move out of the office.

When I Retired

The routine came to an end when I retired and all those good habits went out the window.   I had to make my own routine.  I wanted the business, I wanted the income from the business but I found focus and staying on task my biggest problem.  How to know exactly what to do when I sat down to work every morning.  I could work for three hours here, two hours here and three or four there.  I had no problem to sit down to work.  But knowing exactly what do each time I sat down was the problem.  I needed to be better organized.

Here is where the importance of good habits comes in.  When I was first retired I was not, could not work productively.  I was not properly focused

Then I got in the habit of planning my day BEFORE it began.  What would I do first, second, third.  By putting my tasks in order (and there always more than three) I was able move effortlessly from one thing to another.  And maintain my focus.  My focus is to do things that will help drive traffic to my  business and encourage people to look. 

Then coach those who are interested,  helping them to achieve their own goals.  Easy, straight forward and helpful for everyone.

I Still Organize 

I still organize my day, now often more than one day at a time. But now since I am use to doing it in this way I find it easy to organize and I can move easily from one item to another.  But I am still suggesting that first thing in your working day you review what your plan is for that day.  Write your plan down!

Think of one problem you have with your small business.  Everyone has their own problem.   What ever it is you can you establish a routine that will turn into a habit to solve that problem.  Oh, more than one problem.  Not a surprise is it?   Try to solve one problem at a time, remember the focus part.  That second or third problem will not go away.   Establish good habits are just what you need but easier and more effective to do it one at a time.

Send me a  comment  tell me of an ah-ha movement have or some help  you still need with this idea.