We like our winters here, our Labrador Winter.  This video was taken 8 March but we have had  snow down continuously covering the ground since December.  Didn’t note the date but it would have been in December.

My hands were very cold holding my tablet to record this.  It was so bright I couldn’t keep my head in the pic as I couldn’t see the screen.  Also my stuttering, my other videos I have it much better controlled.  Didn’t seem to be on that morning.  So why did I publish this with all those problems?  Everybody’s got problems but you work through them, cover them up?  Possibly or run with them anyway which is what I did with the above video.  It got my point across about this place, the Labrador winter.

The Snow Here So Long We Become Comfortable with It.  

We notice that with our more lengthy Labrador winter about this time we begin to dread the thaw.  If the thaw comes quickly with heavy rains then you have water running everywhere very quickly.

Our land slopes gently so there is no problem with it running off but we are often out trying to manage how the water runs so it goes around the house and not through it.

I was away at meeting for my job, must have been over 15 years ago and I got this frantic call from my wife, we were having some flooding inside the basement as there was water just flowing down over our yard.  I was away, not very nice.  Now we have four sump pumps never really need more than two at a time and some years we don’t need any.   But then we have never had conditions like we had that time I was away.

So this year I  again hope for a slow thaw without much rain to keep the water manageable.

Another negative with the thaw.  Now my wife can walk herself and our dogs out the door and along trails packed down almost anywhere.  But when it starts to thaw heavily those trails will be too soft to walk on.  All of us will have to walk along the roads then and with the wetness you will have to dodge the splashes from cars.

So can you begin to see how comfortable the winter can be? I didn’t mention the cold even once, only how nice it is to walk on the trails.  You can move around the back country with ease now.  In the summer there are bogs and swarms of black flies, making movement and life in general more difficult.

Understand I’m not promoting the Labrador Straits area as a retirement haven.  But life is really good here.  Most of our family members, none of whom live here, and many local people expected us to move on when I retired in 2013.  As neither my wife or I had a connection to this area, prior to moving here in 1991.  But the decision was to stay and enjoy the Labrador winter and the black flies in the summer.

So when you use me to help you with your business this is what you are getting.  A man who lives in an isolated rural area but well connected to the rest of the world.  One who has the ability and the time to work with you, if you work.  More about me check out new Facebook fan page.   Contact information in the tab at the top of this page.