Life Depends Upon – Your Life Depends Upon It.  I wanted to give everyone a story on an anniversary that was important to me.   On 15 April 2006, eleven years ago to the day of this post I had a major health issue.  Discussed in the video below and the point of the video is that I could have and you still can probably avoid what happened to me.  At least the seriousness of what happened to me.

Of interest is the fact that 15 April 2006 and the same date in 2017 is a Saturday and the Saturday prior to Easter in both years.   I did remember that in 2006 it was the Saturday before Easter but didn’t realize that the dates fell on the same day of the week this year until I looked at it this past week.



I have categorized this blog post as wellness first but also on lifestyle which I am promoting and mindset also.  What was not covered directly in the video is the positive mindset.  Now that doesn’t mean that you won’t have a few times prior to an operation or after when you are upset.  I remember breaking into tears when I first saw my wife.

But for the most part it never occurred to me that I would not get better.  This operation is often done. The prognosis was good so why should I worry?

I slept well, why shouldn’t I

I slept well, the nurses commented on how well I slept.  Of course they had to come and get blood from me every four hours.  They were surprised when I went right back to sleep, why shouldn’t I?

Anyway mindset is so important.  I will go further.  I will say that:  Life Depends Upon – Your Life Depends Upon It.  There was no sense for me worrying about what was going to happen.  I had little control over what was going to happen.  What I could do was feel positive about it and feel positive about what to do after the operation.

If I died on the table

If I died on the table then I wouldn’t have to think about the rehabilitation to come.  But I did think about how much fun it would be do be able to do the rehab.  And since I was laying in bed hooked up to all sorts of tubes and machines I decided to entertain myself.   I would see if I could get my blood pressure to go lower.  Seemed like an excellent thing to do.  I breathed deeply put myself in a happy place and sure enough my blood pressure would drop.   It works today too, try it.  Deep breathing for several minutes and meditation or what ever you want to call it, putting yourself in a happy place.

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