Life Isn’t a Remote Get Up and Change the Channel, was the class motto when I recently attended a high school graduation.  I knew one of the graduates for a number of years but hadn’t seen him since he was in grade 8.

What a difference!  He was a young boy then, now six foot 3 inches well over 200 pounds.  And a really nice young man.

So lets examine this motto in full:  Life isn’t a remote, you must get  up and change the channel yourself.  These young people have realized that at least their future lives will not be easily manipulated without their full input.

No more asking mom or dad, no more fooling around the edge of a decision. If you are going to change  your life;  go off to school, get work, change your job,  fall into and out of different relationships.  All the sorts of things a young person just out of high school will likely be doing or thinking of doing soon.  All of these things involve them making the move themselves.

They can’t wait for the  school to call them and ask them to come, they have to apply well ahead of time.   Few employers will come and ask a young person to come and work for them, you have to go and apply.  You, the young person must take action.

If the young person wants to work for themselves, just like adults they have to take action to make it happen.  If you have been reading my blog you know where I am going with this don’t you?

These young people already know this truth that many of us adults struggle with all the time.  The taking action piece.  Well really these young people are talking the talk.  If they will walk the walk is another question, and only time will tell for them.

But for the rest of us?   For goodness sake if you are sitting there thinking about why you can’t have your own business.  Consider your WHY.  Why do I want a business, a home based business.  Certainly those needs that you have for a business out weight the excuses, yes excuses you have for not starting your business.

Remember,  Life Isn’t a Remote Get Up and Change the Channel?  So like these young people are doing, get up and change the channel of your life.  If you don’t take action what happens?  Nothing happens, next month, next  year, two, three years from now you will have the same problems.  Perhaps the same job with the same concerns you have now.

Think about these young people.  They know they must change.  The rest of us, we are older stuck in our ways?  Yes perhaps but you can change, you can push your limits.  You will grow when you are uncomfortable, out of your comfort zone.   These changes are big enough in our lives that you can’t just use the remote. You have to get right in there and take action.