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Good Habits – in Your Business

Good Habits in your new business cannot be overstated.

I noticed this when I retired to a home business.  In my job there were things that I did everyday.  There was a plan laid out for me.   I did what I was told to do.   And my supervisor gave me feedback about the quality of my work.

Good Habits

Choose Your Path to Good Habits


My supervision was always at a distance and I knew I could change what I was doing within certain parameters to improve what I was doing,  perhaps getting a better result.  But the end results, and to some extent,  the daily routine was set.  I arrived at so and so a time.   Went to lunch at a time and you left in the afternoon at a particular time.

A change in my routine came when I visited people in their homes.  Great for me allowed me to move out of the office.

When I Retired

The routine came to an end when I retired and all those good habits went out the window.   I had to make my own routine.  I wanted the business, I wanted the income from the business but I found focus and staying on task my biggest problem.  How to know exactly what to do when I sat down to work every morning.  I could work for three hours here, two hours here and three or four there.  I had no problem to sit down to work.  But knowing exactly what do each time I sat down was the problem.  I needed to be better organized.

Here is where the importance of good habits comes in.  When I was first retired I was not, could not work productively.  I was not properly focused

Then I got in the habit of planning my day BEFORE it began.  What would I do first, second, third.  By putting my tasks in order (and there always more than three) I was able move effortlessly from one thing to another.  And maintain my focus.  My focus is to do things that will help drive traffic to my  business and encourage people to look. 

Then coach those who are interested,  helping them to achieve their own goals.  Easy, straight forward and helpful for everyone.

I Still Organize 

I still organize my day, now often more than one day at a time. But now since I am use to doing it in this way I find it easy to organize and I can move easily from one item to another.  But I am still suggesting that first thing in your working day you review what your plan is for that day.  Write your plan down!

Think of one problem you have with your small business.  Everyone has their own problem.   What ever it is you can you establish a routine that will turn into a habit to solve that problem.  Oh, more than one problem.  Not a surprise is it?   Try to solve one problem at a time, remember the focus part.  That second or third problem will not go away.   Establish good habits are just what you need but easier and more effective to do it one at a time.

Send me a  comment  tell me of an ah-ha movement have or some help  you still need with this idea.




Work at Home Business – Six figure income

A Work at Home Business can yield you a six figure income. It is certainly doable today.   But you need to be careful with what you start.

Those of you who have been following me for a while know I have been in the home business industry since my retirement in 2013.

But recently I was introduced to this:    business    I was skeptical, I looked around and around couldn’t find anything wrong with it.  In fact I found many positive things to share with others who I know are working hard to make a good living online.

Your Work at Home Business can yield you a good income or drag you down day by day.   Contact me to get the support from myself and our group.

Mindset First, sure you got that right?

1/  First is your mindset.  Are you going to go all in with your new work at your home business or are you playing at it.  You need to know that your business will work and you must work consistently at your business to be a success.   Any business demands this kind of Attention and Action on the part of the owner to insure a successful outcome.  Mindset is more important than a good business you say?  I get feed back here.  But it is True.

Without a positive mindset no matter what business you are in you are likely to fail.   Mindset not there yet?  I get help here you can too.   Get your mindset  where it should be.   Or contact me directly for support.

2/  Next it is so important to find a great opportunity.  That is a given.   This is the one I’m finding really good.  Take a look if you like but focus on your mindset and then your business.

Combining a good work at home business opportunity along with the continued positive mindset and the consistent action will help insure your ultimate success.

Big Vision – Starting Home Business

You must have a big vision when starting home business.   It doesn’t matter who we are we all need to look at the big picture, have a big vision of our business and our lives.

It is seeing what we want and then knowing we already have the success we are looking for it without proof in our hands.

Knowing the Success Will Show Up

Then we can happily go to work knowing this success will show up.  We aren’t expecting it today and probably not tomorrow but soon we will see evidence of it and our live will get better as we serve our customers and our team members.

Believe in yourself. Reach out to the group you are connected with. I will help you, they will help you. Have faith that you can do it, because you can. You have an internet connection and a brain in your head. Use the training, find more training for what YOU need.

Have Fun 

Finally have fun.  I don’t think I work much at all.  Some garden, moving the lawn, moving snow in season.   The normal things to do around the house.   My wife would say I work a great deal. All she sees is the time I spend learning and doing my business. But I say that I haven’t worked a day since I retired. I’m enjoying it too much.

Build yourself the business you know you were meant to have! If you have the desire for more in your life get some help with your big picture.  Contact me  for some guidance, see what I’m doing or do something else. It doesn’t matter.  But get some support from myself and my group.

Make a decision and go for it.  Make your vision come true.



Masters Golf Tournament – As Seen from Afar

The Masters Golf Tournament is an important event for us every year.  We live in Forteau,  a small town on the south eastern coast of Labrador,  in northeastern Canada.

Every year about this time I enjoy watching at least part of the Master from Augusta Georgia.  Not because I am a big golf fan but because it shows so starkly the differences between the two places only 1700 odd miles apart as the crow flies.

While watching the Masters Golf Tournament.   I can look out my bay window and watch the snowmobiles go across our lawn still buried well under the snow.

     Within another week  or so the snow will soften up so that the trail across our lawn will be unusable.  But there will still be enough snow around especially at higher elevations for those to get around.  Note looking on the second picture how there are no trees to fall over on the wires.  There is no lush growth here now.  There will be thick growth later on but not the lush green growth that you see in Georgia now in early April.

How do I feel about living here in the frozen north?  Now there is a combative phrase!  As a child and young man I suffered from many allergies and health issues made worse from living further south.  I have been healthier in many ways living in this sort of place.  Certainly living a slower life style is helpful.   While it didn’t seem to help my heart probably because of the stress of my job.  Living here clearly made me a happier person.   Happier than if I was still trying to live in a faster paced urban area.

We have now lived in Forteau almost 26 years.  Chose to retire here.  It is  not seen as a retirement haven.  But it is quiet, OK isolated, but for the most part and has the basic things for living a happy life.  The communications are mostly good so we can talk to relatives.   I can conduct my home based business here in the same way I could in a larger center.  Glad I am here and glad I can continue to live here enjoying these moments like the yearly Masters Golf Tournament that brings back memories of childhood spent in warm lush surroundings.


Labrador Winter – We Like Our Winters Here

We like our winters here, our Labrador Winter.  This video was taken 8 March but we have had  snow down continuously covering the ground since December.  Didn’t note the date but it would have been in December.

My hands were very cold holding my tablet to record this.  It was so bright I couldn’t keep my head in the pic as I couldn’t see the screen.  Also my stuttering, my other videos I have it much better controlled.  Didn’t seem to be on that morning.  So why did I publish this with all those problems?  Everybody’s got problems but you work through them, cover them up?  Possibly or run with them anyway which is what I did with the above video.  It got my point across about this place, the Labrador winter.

The Snow Here So Long We Become Comfortable with It.  

We notice that with our more lengthy Labrador winter about this time we begin to dread the thaw.  If the thaw comes quickly with heavy rains then you have water running everywhere very quickly.

Our land slopes gently so there is no problem with it running off but we are often out trying to manage how the water runs so it goes around the house and not through it.

I was away at meeting for my job, must have been over 15 years ago and I got this frantic call from my wife, we were having some flooding inside the basement as there was water just flowing down over our yard.  I was away, not very nice.  Now we have four sump pumps never really need more than two at a time and some years we don’t need any.   But then we have never had conditions like we had that time I was away.

So this year I  again hope for a slow thaw without much rain to keep the water manageable.

Another negative with the thaw.  Now my wife can walk herself and our dogs out the door and along trails packed down almost anywhere.  But when it starts to thaw heavily those trails will be too soft to walk on.  All of us will have to walk along the roads then and with the wetness you will have to dodge the splashes from cars.

So can you begin to see how comfortable the winter can be? I didn’t mention the cold even once, only how nice it is to walk on the trails.  You can move around the back country with ease now.  In the summer there are bogs and swarms of black flies, making movement and life in general more difficult.

Understand I’m not promoting the Labrador Straits area as a retirement haven.  But life is really good here.  Most of our family members, none of whom live here, and many local people expected us to move on when I retired in 2013.  As neither my wife or I had a connection to this area, prior to moving here in 1991.  But the decision was to stay and enjoy the Labrador winter and the black flies in the summer.

So when you use me to help you with your business this is what you are getting.  A man who lives in an isolated rural area but well connected to the rest of the world.  One who has the ability and the time to work with you, if you work.  More about me check out new Facebook fan page.   Contact information in the tab at the top of this page.







Retire Purposefully

You really should retire purposefully. I’ll be 70 early next year. I retired over three years ago from a government job. I became a business person which I had wanted to be for many years. Life just got in the way? Yes I guess that is it, stay with what is paying the bills. Also my wife is not one for any risk. Not an easy combination.

George has it right its the income that counts.

George has it right its the income that counts.

So I run a home business online. Keeps me busy and my mind very active. I love to talk to people and learning new things daily.

Retirement is last centuries’ invention. My father retired and never did anything else. He loved Florida and sitting by the pool. He never thought of doing anything else or learning anything else, why bother? We all have known people who retire on Friday and are dead within a few weeks or months. This isn’t research now just common knowledge that it does happen. It is clear however from studies that ‘seems’ to say that if you retire you have a greater chance of dying early.  Retire Purposefully give meaning to your life

The old German proverb states: “When I rest, I rust.” That’s certainly true for many of us. But remember you don’t have to just move. You need to have some kind of purpose. Look around and see what others are doing, volunteer, church work, another part time jobs. All sorts of things you could do. Fit those things in with the trips, medical appointments all the normal things you will do over the next number of years.
Do What You Talked About Doing

Robert had worked hard all his life and seldom took time for any fun times together with his wife, June. He was determined to now travel, do all the things they didn’t do when they were younger. He discovered that June may have wanted to travel when she was younger but now really enjoyed staying home.   They really didn’t want the big house they had now, too much work both inside and out.

So they put their house on the market and spend the next several months enjoying looking at small homes and properties. They settled for a nice small home in town and a small lakeside property close by to enjoy their summers. This worked out very well for both of them even though it wasn’t in their plans initially.
Some End Up Retiring More Than Once

I was a social worker in an isolated rural area for many years. When I retired the person who replaced me lasted only a short time. When he left I was asked to step back in, that lasted about 3 months. Someone else was hired they also lasted only a few months. I think I worked again almost 5 months that time. They expanded the area another social worked covered to include my area. That has worked fine and I don’t expect to be asked nor would I accept now. Too much time and I’m too relaxed now and would not be happy to go back to a regular job now.   I have retired purposefully and do not want to go back to work for someone else.
What Am I Going to Do Today

Just make sure that you know what you are going to do. What your project is for today so you have something to get out of bed and do. A project around the house, something with your children, grandchildren or great grandchildren.  Anything at all.

You need to look forward to do something that day.  An example my mother was a bookkeeping during her working life.   Now every Tuesday she gets up and spends the morning at the church doing bookkeeping.   Even though she is well into her 90’s she is still able to do that very part time service. The message there always organize something to do.
Start Something New

Yes I am now the self employed business person I thought I might be many years ago. You may want to start something new, a business, a charity, the list is endless. The key is to think ahead. Have some plans for your upcoming retirement. You may find those plans don’t fit after retirement and you can choose a plan B or even C. Planning ahead is always best.

What about you? What are your thoughts on your retirement?