Springtime Labrador Straits, just a touch of spring.  We have had a slow melt which is good.  Not much mud.  Some other years we have had rain and much warmer along with the snow which caused heavy run off of the snow and rain together.   This year when it has been warmer for a couple of days.  It then froze again, keeps things from thawing too fast.  Good so far anyway.


  Soon to be garden in this early morning picture of 1 May 2017.   At the time it was -7 degrees C or about 19 degrees Fahrenheit.   A really cold morning for May.

Ordinarily our garden won’t go in until the last week of May.  Perhaps going into June this year as the ground has to be at least warmed up some.  In this small plot we grow two varieties of peas, broccoli, caulifower, spinach, a couple of varieties of lettuce, carrots, some onions in this plot.  We have another plot for onions and yet another for potatoes.


In the greenhouse will be zucchini, tomatoes, both green and very hot peppers along with cucumber and string beans.  Most of these seeds are started inside under lights.  We can put them out in the green house as weather allows.  Putting the seedlings in the greenhouse on a relatively warm day allows them to get extra sun and heat. But they would need to be brought back inside any evening for the next couple of weeks.  Gradually we will “harden them off” by exposing the plants to cooler and cooler temperatures.  All these plants normally grown here in the greenhouse will not produce or will simply die if left outside.   They all require the extra heat and shelter that a greenhouse provides.

When thinking of springtime Labrador Straits it is interesting to think that the problem we have with the greenhouse is with too much heat.  We built it a number of years ago after reading about how to design it.  Big fan at one end, floor vents fan inside and vent on the door but we still need the door open on a warm summer day, anything over about 22 degrees C everything needs to be open to keep the temperature moderate inside.


Springtime Labrador Straits, 1 May clearly is not the time to garden.  Maybe you wouldn’t want to garden under these conditions at all?  But just think of the challenges?   Think of all the positive mindset opportunities you have as a gardener or farmer anywhere.  Here we have enough rain.  In August we will have been here for 26 years and only one summer was there any fire danger because of lack of rain.

The opportunity to work on positive mindsets in your gardening at least equal the opportunities you have with your business.  I use the   Deep Abyss   daily to help me with my business mindset problems.  Making sure I am thinking straight.  Use your same strengths you have learned when dealing with early frosts or cutworm problems in your business or whatever you do.  It is really the same thing.  The problems, whatever they are will still be there.  It is how we deal with those problems that sets us apart from our peers.