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Change Yourself – Changing Yourself Is Easy

Change Yourself, seems to be the goal of everyone today.  And really it is easy. If you think changing yourself is hard consider how hard it would be to change someone else?  Definitely easier to change yourself.

Change Yourself

To be successful you must change yourself.




Your online business, you want to start it but you never quite get it going.

That new job you were going to apply for, but never did.

You want to lose weight, exercise more, whatever it is that you want to do but aren’t doing.  All these simple changes that could be put in place but never do get done.

I’m going to suggest three simple ways to get this done.
1. Have it clearly in your mind WHY you want to change.

2. Are you certain that you are really ready to change?

3. As you see the change happening what would the positive outcomes be? Would it really be important to you and your, new, life after change to have this change take place?

Use This to Think About Your New Business

#1 why you want the change. First you are thinking about the income and how that money will help your family and yourself.

#2 tells you to be certain you want this change. Most of you may have been an employee in a business but never the manager or owner of the business?

My point is with a business where you are the owner YOU are the one responsible for its success. You lack skills, you can hire skills, but you MUST PROVIDE the drive and the consistent effort.

You cannot act or think like an employee. When your hours are up you are going home not to think much about your business until the next day.

But as a business owner especially a new business owner that is not how it works. You must make it work whatever it is as you often don’t have others to do it for you.  Again the question.  Do you want this change?  Maybe your answer to more income for your family is for you to get a part time job? Maybe being responsible for your business is just not for you?

Finally with #3. What would happen if your ran a successful business. Probably take over a year to get a good return, perhaps several years.  However when you succeed the income would be significant for you and your family.

The outcome would be better for the business over the part time job. That part is true but it would take some time for the results of the business to be clear.

The question really is can you be an entrepreneur?   If you are stuck in the employee mindset you need to free yourself from it.   A crucial point here. If you can’t start thinking like a business person and loose the employee mindset you will not be able to run a successful business.  Make the right choice for you.

Feel you need some help deciding?  Contact me.  We can talk about what you might do and be connected with others who are working through this problem.

Can There Really Be a Right Time?

You are waiting for the right time but, can there really be a right time? Starting your home business.  Is just that a matter of starting your business.    So many of us agonize over if or when or what to start that we never do it.  We never start at all.

So what are you doing if you aren’t working on your business?

Hopefully you are working and have some sort of job. But some of you are thinking about escaping the job more and more. Time to be with your family, time to do the things you really want to do, money to pay off the debts that are hounding you now, money for upcoming retirement, money in retirement, money to help your kids, money for travel. I hear all sorts of reasons why you need more income in your life. And yet many cannot, will not commit to a home business that will fullfil those needs.

So what is your secret I am asked? There is no secret. Just treating your business like a business, not some hobby that you do when there is nothing else to do. A business that you do everyday, that is so much a part of you that you are thinking about ways of doing, ways of improving all the time. You can take a break, after all you are boss, but you will find yourself thinking and doing little bits here and there even though you are on holiday.

Those of you who are working, stay working, do your business outside of working hours. Your job is funding your business until your business can fund you. Don’t leave your job to quickly. Make sure your business is solid and dependable then leave your job, if you wish.

You have no business until it starts and no success until you can commit to it fully.

So I’m encouraging you to start your business, whatever it is. But at the end what happens if you don’t follow through? You have lots of reasons for not starting your business. Too busy, too tired, too costly all reasons I have heard. What I have found is that those who have not started, have gone back to the easy path, the path of least resistance.   They got their little raise, maybe they got laid off or downsized. But most are exactly where they were when they considered the business, six month, one year, two years later. They say two things: Oh, you are still at it?  And secondly express surprise that you are making a good income and regret that they didn’t start.  The result:  Some want in right away, some are still stuck and they cannot bring themselves to commit to a home business and make it successful.  The question again is:  Can there really be a right time to start your business?  Of course there is a right time, now is the right time, a month ago was the right time.

Where are you in all of this?  You have started but not really committed to make it successful. Better do that now.

You haven’t started? Better start but most importantly where ever you are make sure you realize that you must change and commit to making your business work, doing whatever is necessary and getting the help you need to make it work.

Start now.





Building Trust – Building Trust Is a Gradual Thing

Building trust with their customers is a major concern of any marketer.   I have different kinds of people land on my blog.  Some come from Twitter, Facebook, or through Youtube.  They have seen something and want to see more.  But then there are those people who have known me for years.  They come to look at my blog and and are puzzled.  Then I get a message.  So Joe, what are you selling?

I love this response.  Means I am doing the right thing.  I am building trust, attracting people to my content and they are bouncing around in it absorbing some I hope.  These folks are not quite right.   I do have a link at the top of the page in yellow on the right hand side that leads to a great program for which I am an affiliate.  But it isn’t conspicuous it doesn’t jump out and bite you.  I don’t lead with,  buy this.  I lead with,  come in and find what you need, ask what you want, get the help you need.




Good so people are looking at your stuff.  They are trusting you they see your name, they see good information.


Ah, but what about Distrust


Building Trust that you have been doing can be undercut by distrust that your people may feel.  If trust is fast or helps your business move right along, distrust will slow and stop your business altogether.

So what does that actually mean?  If you promote a program with claims that are unsubstantiated.   By cutting corners and saving time you are likely not saving time and advancing your business but setting your business back not driving it forward.

D. Hochman quotes one of her mentors as saying:  “To go fast go slow, to go slow go fast.”  Think about it and think about it hard.  Don’t push the edges.  Building trust is a gradual thing.  Keep your information reliable and your ethics front and center and you will grow.



Marketing Competitors

We examine what is needed to deal with marketing competitors, but first a little story: George and Joe are camping when a bear suddenly come out and growls.

George starts putting on his tennis shoes.

Joe says, “What are you doing? You can’t outrun a bear!”
George says, “I don’t have to outrun the bear – I just have to outrun you!”

It is the same with your marketing competitors.

It may be crowded. You may have a lot of competition.
You may be thinking you can’t catch a break?

But you don’t have to beat all your marketing competitors – you only need to set yourself apart from the rest of them to attract higher quality customers that want to work with you.

Do how you set yourself apart you say? You already know if you have been taking our training. The use attraction marketing over a period of time will insure that people notice you and want to know what you are up to.

There are many places to put your content. All sorts of social media, blog, websites lots of places.

I presently use my blog, Facebook Fan page, my Twitter accounts, and Youtube channel.  At present these are the places I am using but expect to expand to other platforms just like you will eventually.

You Really Aren’t Using Attraction Marketing?

Not using attraction marketing? So tell me how you are doing. I fully understand I was in the same situation. I use to just put my link out there, I did cold calling the whole deal. But I learned that attraction marketing works better. I certainly allows you to feel better at the end of the day. I love it when people chase me instead of the other way around. The money is better too.

Don’t think it works? I have people now joining my list, subscribing to my Youtube channel who I have never had direct contact with or talked to. They are sitting there watching what I am doing. Probably seeing the problems with their own business. Some of them, many of them may contact me, this week, next month, many months from now. Doesn’t matter when, but when they do they know what I am about and what I’m doing and they want to start NOW. But most of all they want help and they know I can offer it.

I have experienced only some of that so far but I know as I continue to put out good content that I will continue to have the opportunity to help others. You know that I will be suggesting that you do the same. Suggesting because it works.

Talk to you soon.

Must Change Yourself – Yes, You Must Change Yourself

Certainly I would agree that you must change yourself.  Sounds pretty sharp as I don’t know you at all.

Two reasons:

1/  If you are reading this you probably have some interest in your home business or want to establish a new home based business.

2/  Most of us will agree that if we want to change our circumstances, and have a really successful business, we will have to change ourselves.  How are we going to start or change our businesses if we stay the same?  The same habits the same thoughts and all the same actions would seem to lead us with the same results.  No progress at all.

Some of you may not have thought you signed on to the must change yourself idea when you started your home based business?  If the idea bothers you and you think you can’t or aren’t willing to change yourself.  Simply move on.  Stop reading, cancel the bookmark to this site, stop your business and perhaps find another job to fill your time.  When, if, you are ready later and feel that you must change yourself come back and join me.

Continue to Change 

As for me I have changed and continue to change myself constantly I hope.   There are many aids to mindset and getting your mind out of thinking like and employee and into an entrepreneurial way of thinking.   Not sure what I’m saying here?  Ask me about this.  One of the best tools for me is the Deep Abyss.   There is a small cost for this so you may want to find other free things to which I can point you.  Or you can consider subscribing to the Deep Abyss, your choice.


The idea that you must change yourself is not really hard at all.  Everyday when I get up.  I say prayers as usual.  Sometimes with my wife many times by myself.  Then I go in and listen and/ or read for self development.  We need to be learning all the time.   We not only need to learn about what to do but what others have thought about how to get our minds working as business owners .

Not a big deal, this isn’t school.  Some of us had a bad experience in school and don’t like to think of ourselves as life long learners.   As business people however,  home based business people, we must  constantly work to learn more about what we can do to improve our business.  Our competitors are learning we better be the same.

Get Over Yourself – Everyone Knows They Broke the Mold When They Made  YOU

The vision I have is that I am molding myself into a successful home based business person.  You too, you will gradually mold yourself into the business person you want.  The advantage here is:  You choose the mold.


Can’t Do Everything – But You Can Do Something

Congratulations you have just started but remember you can’t do everything, at once anyway.  Doesn’t seem like a problem?   Oh, but it is.  There is so much that you can learn so much that you can and will grow.  You just can’t imagine it now.

Push the button you see below on the website after you have started.

Can't Do Everything But I Can Do Something

Ready to start click here.

OK you start there.  You go down it says to pick ONE marketing strategy and work on that one until you have it down well then move on.

First you must set up your system

So you dive into the training and then begin to set up your system. Connect the pieces together.  You must set up your autoresponder so you have someplace to send your leads.  You have a free autoresponder in your system but if you want a stand alone one you must order that separately.  There are advantages each way.   Contact me I can advise you.

You should start your blog.   No matter if you are writing in your blog, putting videos in your blog or a mixture of the two.  Or using it for other media.  These set up issues should occupy you a day or more.

Not sure what to put in your blog.  Start off with a short intro about you and your family, maybe a picture or two and or a video.

Interestingly one of the other leaders in our group spoke last night about a person in his group who was not following proper set up procedures.  He said that this new person had started their business and first thing bought several hundreds of dollars worth of traffic.  That is one way of getting traffic and would be alright BUT they had not set up their autoresponder.    When that traffic starts coming in it is not going to do that new person any good as it will not be flowing to the right place.  This leader called and explained it to this person.  He checked back later and it had not been fixed.

I really don’t understand why anyone would not properly set up.  It is sort of like  ordering a piece of furniture online and having it delivered to the wrong address,  deliberately.   Mistakes will be made.  You and I will make lots of mistakes but hopefully we learn from them and fix  them right away when we discover them.  That traffic will be delivered those leads will be delivered and go to the wrong address when the system isn’t set up correctly.

OK, my rant is finished, enough said, you can’t do everything but certainly don’t do that!!

Then you can begin to focus on what kind of marketing strategy you want to use.  Very important that you focus on only one at a time.  Learn it well, learn it fully and then move on to learn and use another strategy along with the first one.

Personally I choose Twitter as my first strategy.  I was very familiar with Twitter and so naturally went there first.  Only recently using my  Facebook Fan Page .

The title of this post is:  You Can’t Do Everything.  The point I am making is one of the (small) problems you will have is that after you are up and running.  Then there will be a Tuesday afternoon training and a Wednesday night training then more and more all good bits of training.  Facebook lives all sorts of things you want to see.

All of them giving great information about what these trainers, these very successful people, are doing.  But you soon realize that the new stuff that someone else is doing is often not what you are trying to master now.  I’m only suggesting that you be more selective in what you listen to and watch.  Remember I lived through this.  I wanted to cram everything I could into me as fast as possible.  You are probably the same.  However I found that much of the new material did not apply to what I was mastering now.   By not focusing on what you want to learn now you take the chance you will become overwhelmed, distressed and not understanding why you feel the way you do.

Focus, Focus

So think about it.  Do your basic set up of the system prior to any marketing work, common sense that.  Then choose a marketing system and work and work, learn and learn.  Learn about that way of marketing until you have mastered it and then move on.

Oh, don’t just learn act, use that knowledge, use that system you are learning about.  Get those leads flowing in to your autoresponder.

Understand that many of the training bits that are available to you will not help you in your journey as it is now.  The less experienced you are the less helpful this shot gun approach is to you.   I thought I should attend everything I possible could.  No, pick and choose.  But you really need to use what time you have to move your business along and keep it as focused as possible in my opinion.

You Really Can’t Do Everything.  But don’t let that stop you from doing, and doing and doing, the key is focus.



Business Components – 3 Critical Parts of Your Business

I’m saying that when everything is stripped down.  There are only three main business components in your business.

The question came up,  just how many parts, as it seems so complicated.   Some have said to me:  There is just so much involved in my business how can I cope with all of it?

I will go further and say that even when your business is up and running you can still feel pushed.  Then all of a sudden you are using a new part of the system.  Or selling a new product.   Something new that takes you away from the norm of what you were thinking and doing before.  Confusing, could be.

I will agree that at the beginning it feels that way.  You feel overwhelmed with what you see.  Everything feels new and everything is part of the new business components you have to master.    And you have to master them quickly for the people to start coming into your business.

Now wait a minute.  In your mind you are seeing people and money coming into your business sort of together all jumbled together.  But really if you can break your business down you can get a better grasp of what is happening and what you need to do.

Your Three Business Components

Break your business down into three part, YES only three business components:

1.  Lead generation – simply finding people who may be interested in your product or service.

2.  Conversion – Moving them from a lead or prospect to a customer.  They buy something from your or your company you have a conversion.  Your first conversion will likely be to get them on your email list.

3.  Continuity – Encouraging them to keep buying your product or service or more of your service or products.

Stop now for a few minutes.  No I mean really stop and think about what is going on with your business now.   Again two ways to look at it:   1.  Your business is ongoing and you have sales and you are thinking.  This guy has nothing for me, I’m doing just fine.

Now wait a minute:  You STILL need to break down your business into these three parts as above.  Take a few minutes and see what parts are in your business and how they are working.  Just humor me now, you can thank me later.

Usually at least one part isn’t working as well as the other parts.  Examples, you have lots of people to talk to but your conversions are poor.  Or people like the idea and buy in but never stay, your continuity is poor.  Lots of different parts that could be improved in any business.  Think about it.   You can improve your business with careful examination.  You want to improve don’t you?

The Second Way

Number 2.  You are that new person who is overwhelmed with everything.  Too much training, right now too much, for your needs.  You just can’t see how this new exciting business that you started.  That you have great need for in your life.   Can possibly succeed as you don’t know what to do next.  Stuff flying at you from every direction?  Your head is spinning?  It has occurred to you to just stop what you are doing, cut your losses and go watch TV or whatever else you would ordinarily do at this time.

Now just wait a minute.  We have all felt this way.  Those who are making great amounts of money, have lots of time freedom and those of us just beginning to make a regular income.  You too can follow us but you have to get over this hump first.

So start by breaking down your business into these three categories.   You need people to share your message with.  This is where you put people on your new email list unless you plan to deal with everyone on the phone.  Then onward to conversion and finally number three continuity we will leave alone for the moment.



When you start the very helpful program I am in now there is button on the inside at the beginning you should push, it says:  NEW?  Start here.   And it begins your journey to success.  However this program although it acknowledges this problem can still give you more than you need at the beginning.  The program suggests you choose, and master, only ONE way of getting leads before you move on to the next method.   Certainly what you should do.  Choose and master only one method before moving on.

Secondly you need somewhere to send those leads.  Again this program gives you ways to give valuable information that your leads will want and will trade their email for this information.   This is the conversion you want at first, just to get people to step up and show interest in the kinds of business information you have.

Your autoresponder will then send your mailing list an email regularly, the term is drip on them.  These drips at the beginning will include emails from the company, later you will learn to write your own,  giving your list other information to keep them interested.  Mixed in will be suggestions that they purchase something.  It certainly is possible that you would get a sale or two depending on how many leads you put through your system at the beginning.  You are provided with everything you need and shown with excellent video training how to set things up.

You have a full business system almost from day one.   First the a way to get the leads, second a way for the leads to find out what you do and get a chance to purchase something from you.  Realizing that it takes a while for anyone to buy.  That’s why your list is so important and the emails keep going out regularly to inform, entertain and keep your name in front those on your list until they either buy from you, or unsubscribe.

The first two critical parts of your business components are now taken care of.  You have lead generation and conversion that you can get up and running with a relatively short period of time.   The last part of the business components is the continuity.  How are you going to keep your people buying from you.  Right now at the beginning.  Don’t think about it.  It will come and will come easily.  I will save that for another time.  You aren’t there yet.

Finally think about dividing all the tasks that you are told to do into those three business components.  Do this as a way to organize your thoughts and calm your mind.  I can only say it worked for me.  Also getting your mindset going in the right direction is so important.   You are getting it now?  Your mind and what is on your mind is the key to your business whatever that may be.  Keep your mind under control and your focus on your business and nothing can stop you.  This post just a tool to that end.

So you really want to know what this magical program is that I am in?  Maybe, maybe not.  If you do there is a yellow button on the top right hand side of all the pages on this blog.  Click that yellow button:  “Yes Let Me In”  Take some time to look.  If you are really ready to fix things,  you won’t be sorry.



Start Business Avoid Excuses When Starting Your Business

When I think about the words start business the quote from Mark Twain comes to mind:  “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Seems so simple this whole idea is simple.  You simply start business or you don’t start your business.  Takes no brains to grab onto that idea.  But I have found over the years when I helped people with home businesses most initially rejected the idea.

I could never understand why most people said no.  To me it made so much sense.  Even though before I never found much success I knew that as I learned I would soon put together all the parts and finally succeed with a home based business.  I never failed to start business after I had seen and vetted a good opportunity.  Starting for me was never the problem.   Staying with it was a problem for me.  You must stay until success achieved.

Three reasons I have often been given is: They don’t have the time. They don’t have the money to start.  And they have no time for business must spend more time with family.  Think about what I said in the video to understand these better.

Finally please remember there are only two mistakes you can make on the way to success.   First mistake is to not start your business and the second mistake to quit prior to your success.

Use my contact link above in the blog.  If you need my support either for your under performing business or a new one just ask.   That is what I am here for.

Remembering Joe Schroeder – A Look Back

Remembering Joe Schroeder,  yes I remember:  R.I.P.  Here Lies the Words  “I CAN’T.  And yes I am remembering Joe Schroeder.

Remembering Joe Schroeder

I was listening with great interest to an old audio training by Diane now a very successful affiliate and MLM marketer.   I mean extremely successful, a seven figure earner.  But back in 2010 she was successful but not to the extent she is now.  What caught my ear was that name and his voice later in the audio was like a blast from the past.  That same idea that I am able to do anything, can’t isn’t in my vocabulary, is something that sticks with me all these years later.   A link to some of this great stuff that is helping me.

In my office hangs a white board that I have the same words written on it that Joe taught us.  My date is  19 January 2003, Joe Schroeder’s date is 17 September 1990.  I was one of Joe Schroeder’s students perhaps around the same time that Diane was, maybe a little earlier.  Her use of the material was immediate and effective.

Always believe you can do it.

Been on my wall since 2003.

At that time I was still working full time and not committed to a home business as I am now.  Take note, my use of Joe Schroeder’s material was not immediately effective except that it must in some way prepared me and pushed me in the direction I am now following.  Driving  me towards a full time home business after my retirement.

In retrospect what I am remembering Joe Schroeder best for two things:  First the emails:   His emails were so different from others at the time.  Short and choppy, with wild subject lines.  Just what you needed and just what we are teaching now.

The second thing I remember is a boundless energy and positive infectious attitude that Joe Schroeder expressed.   I responded very strongly to this and even thought I was unable to make any money with his deal.  It was Formor International.   I know I sold some product locally and remember two distributors but I never amounted to anything with that company.   I wasn’t in Joe’s immediate group but down a couple of levels.

Formor International interestingly enough was just taken over by a Chinese firm recently.   Amazing how things work.

Saw the Problem and It Was Me

I never felt negatively towards Joe Schroeder or Formor, it wasn’t their fault I didn’t succeed.  I didn’t put the effort to learn the business and to work the business properly.  There is a lesson here for all of us.  There was a problem and it was ME!

Are you going through the same thing?  Your business isn’t doing what you think it could or should.  Maybe you need someone to help you?   Yes I have been through it and out the other side.  My contact info is in the tab above.   Contact me  we can talk, I can  help get you on the right track.



Get Your Emails Opened


There has been much discussion in our Mastermind group about how to get your emails opened.  But the discussion recently has gone deeper than just getting them opened. I had a group of messages that went out to a list that consisted of now 90 messages.

It would have continued to grow. Everyday I put in a message or two so I was always ahead of those in the list. And everyday they would get something new from me.

The idea being that eventually they would know me and trust me and begin to buy from me. New people on this list started at the beginning and kept going until they opted out.

I was hearing from other marketers that they were sending new people only one “canned” message saying that they would only get that one message from them and they will write them something most days, maybe more than one a day if there is lots to say. And they will only write when they have something really good to hear. New people get the first message and then all the new ones after they come to the list until they opt out.

Myself, the other marketers, you included if you are doing it, will broadcast to your list through your autoresponder giving those on your list good content, good tips. It is always a process of giving helpful information to your list. You can also include coming events that will give them info and the occasional item that can help them with their business, both free items and those with a cost associated with it.

Get Your Emails Opened

Joe can help you get your emails opened.


Others are also concerned about how to get their emails opened.  I am asked: “How do you come up with those crazy subject line and content, with things to say?” It wasn’t easy when I first started blogging or writing emails. But now, I am fully into it. I’m thinking about my business all the time. I keep a piece of paper in my pocket and a pen. When I’m away from the computer, and I am away sometimes, I see, I experience something or hear about something in the news. All of your experiences can be the basis for a blog post or email. Not all are appropriate but you will often see how to tie it into something you need to say about your business.

You need your emails opened.  As you are writing those subject lines think about the ONE person reading your message. If you do that, and think what you would say to them if you are talking to that one person, face to face. Then your writing your will sound as if you are really talking just to that one person reading your email.

The tabloid headlines are great to get your emails opened.  Don’t go to buy them for goodness’ sake;  Daily Mail, Sun, Daily Mirror, National Enquirer, and the Star, they all are online. Browse through and take note of the many, can I say surprising headlines. If you weren’t familiar before you will see that news has been different for a long time, not just the fake news of today?  I think I lived a sheltered life!!  Anyway these people have been writing crazy stuff. Look at the US and the British press, they both have the ability to surprise people enough to open your email.

Other Necessaries

Also you must consider the use a familiar sender name. They will at least be familiar with your name.   Most readers will not open an unfamiliar name no matter how good the subject line.   So use your own name.

Personalize their name (or something else) in the subject line.

Keep it short

Use clear concise language

And finally: Don’t say something and fail to deliver on what you say.   Whoaaa, you say: I’m suppose to say crazy things to attract people.   OK.   So, so how am I going to deliver on that.   Ah, but you can.   Below are subject  I  used effectively and they all drew over 8% open rates for me.

Man Leaves His Job After Doubling His Income
Local Man says: Everything’s a Scam
If 90 grand a month scares you what about 5 grand a month: Says, Business Owner. (this one was too long but still 8.3% open rate).
Your Awesome Salary May Have a Downside
Our Bad Habits Are Killing Us

And yet with every single one of these subject lines I was able, yes to entertain, and yes was able to get them back to a business point I wanted to make for that day.  I’m not unusual. Not a great writer, never wrote professionally.  You can do it.

Find some crazy subject lines. Think of business bits you want to share or bits from your life in general you want to share and begin to put them together.

Gradually at first then as you do it. This is the operative word. YOU DO IT. You will get better and soon you will find your mind and your note book just running over with ideas.  Haven’t started yet?  Start now, it worked for me it will work for you. You will thank yourself and me later.

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