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So you want to use Twitter as a source of leads?  I certainly have and I can tell you it works.

You need to share a range of content on Twitter–not simply text. The network supports a great deal of various media formats that can be
embedded right in your tweet to get Twitter Leads, including:

Text: This short, sweet and basic type of tweet is great for updates, information, facts, well as asking your audience questions or expressing

Images: Boost your message with a picture that will impact your tweet. Photos attract attention getting more engagements and interactions for
your content.


Videos: If a picture’s worth a thousand words.
A well done video clip is worth millions.  Videos, if integrated right into your message, can work wonders to place your message before the right audience. Embed short but yet informative and entertaining videos for
your followers.

Slideshares:  Slideshare is an advantage for visual details. With slide decks, you can present much content in a way that is easy to understand.

Hyperlinks: If you have an important piece of web content that you need to include use a hyperlink. Remember now the hyperlink is NOT included in your 140 characters. You also need to consider adding a hashtag or
two if there is room to boost its reach, as well as to give a clear idea of what the link is leading to and what your product or service may be about.

If Twitter is used well, it can drive tons of traffic to your website, Twitter Leads.  However simply tweeting the title of the post a link back to your web site isn’t going to work.

You need to be imaginative when crafting tweets to promote your blog posts, video clips, and various other content. All of this care will lead to Twitter Leads. Here are some ways to get even more clicks on
your tweets:  Remember Keep it short: Make it short, a short tweet has a higher conversion ratio than a longer tweet. Get their attention and move on.   A tweet that is read will more often be retweeted and
that connects you the rest of their followers.

Quote your blog post or your message if possible. Try using a teaser from your post or from your webpage. The quote should be pithy but congruent with the info they will find at the end of the link.
Include statistics if possible: People love facts especially those that can be supported by stats that can support your argument. This adds credibility to your ideas.


Utilize   #hashtags  wherever possible:  Hashtags are an excellent way to reach members of your industry who don’t follow you (yet). By using hashtags that your sector uses it will attract others who have not seen your material yet and will help you attract followers. The site:
will help you understand the use of hashtags and finding the most effective ones for your use.

You should use @mentions: If your message mentions any publications or market influencers make certain to mention them in your tweet. They’ll be pleased and also there’s a good chance they’ll share it as well, so you’ll reach their entire audience.

Request a share: This is an excellent practice to get your tweets retweeted.  Merely ask the viewers of your tweet to retweet the post. Tweets that request RTs are most likely to get them.

Don’t ask, don’t get, ask.

Promote your tweets: Want even more exposure than you’re receiving from what you are doing now?  Promoted tweets will certainly increase your visibility with just a small investment.  It is easy to do, easy to control and easy to stop when needed. I haven’t personally promoted tweets but I know others who are doing it successfully.




  1. Thanks Joe. I like what you are trying to do. Might you want to tell your readers a bit about you and what you do in a way so people do not have to read your whole page to try to figure it out? How about an about me page? I couldnt find your contact information as mentioned in your video. Maybe you could add it in the footer or have a contact page?

    On another note: it is very difficult to read your blog on a phone as much of it has chopped up sentences. If you copy and paste do not do so from MS Word or similar programs. Easiest way is to paste your text into notepad and then into your website and that will remove any coding that’s hidden behind in the program you copied it from.

    Might I offer you a tip on some free training that I think may really help you with your business and website content? It is through Make a Change Canada. Just google that. They are a non-profit organization in Canada that helps people with disabilities or seniors or other people who may have barriers and are looking to run their own business or learn how to make a website for their business. I think the entrepreneur program would be a good program for you and I could see you doing well! I took their IBDE program and I am so glad I connected with them. And just so you know I don’t get anything out of telling you this but as a previous student I highly recommend them. The executive director’s name is Anne-Marie and you can tell her I sent you if you ever want to contact them.

    Have a wonderful day and feel free to email me back if you want. I can answer questions if you have any about the program. Good luck to you!

    • Thanks Jackie, appreciate your positive response and suggestions some of which I have already done. This blog is a work in progress and at least some progress is being made. Thanks again.

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