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Change Yourself – Changing Yourself Is Easy

Change Yourself, seems to be the goal of everyone today.  And really it is easy. If you think changing yourself is hard consider how hard it would be to change someone else?  Definitely easier to change yourself.

Change Yourself

To be successful you must change yourself.




Your online business, you want to start it but you never quite get it going.

That new job you were going to apply for, but never did.

You want to lose weight, exercise more, whatever it is that you want to do but aren’t doing.  All these simple changes that could be put in place but never do get done.

I’m going to suggest three simple ways to get this done.
1. Have it clearly in your mind WHY you want to change.

2. Are you certain that you are really ready to change?

3. As you see the change happening what would the positive outcomes be? Would it really be important to you and your, new, life after change to have this change take place?

Use This to Think About Your New Business

#1 why you want the change. First you are thinking about the income and how that money will help your family and yourself.

#2 tells you to be certain you want this change. Most of you may have been an employee in a business but never the manager or owner of the business?

My point is with a business where you are the owner YOU are the one responsible for its success. You lack skills, you can hire skills, but you MUST PROVIDE the drive and the consistent effort.

You cannot act or think like an employee. When your hours are up you are going home not to think much about your business until the next day.

But as a business owner especially a new business owner that is not how it works. You must make it work whatever it is as you often don’t have others to do it for you.  Again the question.  Do you want this change?  Maybe your answer to more income for your family is for you to get a part time job? Maybe being responsible for your business is just not for you?

Finally with #3. What would happen if your ran a successful business. Probably take over a year to get a good return, perhaps several years.  However when you succeed the income would be significant for you and your family.

The outcome would be better for the business over the part time job. That part is true but it would take some time for the results of the business to be clear.

The question really is can you be an entrepreneur?   If you are stuck in the employee mindset you need to free yourself from it.   A crucial point here. If you can’t start thinking like a business person and loose the employee mindset you will not be able to run a successful business.  Make the right choice for you.

Feel you need some help deciding?  Contact me.  We can talk about what you might do and be connected with others who are working through this problem.

Don’t Wait for Nothing – Make Your Today Great

Don’t Wait for Nothing.   I was struck by a tweet I read this morning as I was getting off the phone with someone who just couldn’t bring himself to do anything with his business until after the new year.

Every Morning a New Beginning

Don’t Wait for Nothing

Every morning brings a new day.  I’m an older fellow now every day seems more important than it did thirty years ago.   I can only speak to those who watch my videos read my blog and talk to me on the phone to make good use of their time.   Remember all our time here has a limit.

I Can Only Encourage You to Take Action

I am encouraging you to take the action you need to take.  I see some take the action and succeed marvelously.  Others hesitate, hesitate always.  No matter what your business without action your business is, nothing.

This quote from Napoleon Hill always helped me:    “Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.”

I have tools to help ,  certainly, but don’t worry about my tools or tools that anyone is offering.  If you don’t make a start with your business, and build a consistent effort  you are wasting your time.

Decide now to get started.   Contact me to get support.  I’m here to help you no matter what you are doing.

Maybe you have started but you don’t know why there is no success?  That happens too.  I can help there too, contact info above.

Remember don’t wait for nothing.  Get those thoughts out of your mind, decide you WILL SUCCEED.  Make a start today in the business of your choice.  Use me as a resource.  Need some help, lean on me and my team.  We have great resources to let you have.  Start Now.