Worrying About Future Events?   Why would you worry about sea sickness?  If it is going to happen it is going to happen.

We live in an isolated area of southeastern Labrador. When we go OUT to a major centre we have to take a ferry for 1 1/2 hours then drive 4-5 more hours to get to Walmart, actual shopping malls, the Vet, which is why we went this past week and other services not available locally.

Don't be overwhelmed by problems that may happen. If the problem occurs fix it.

Our ferry the Apollo crosses the Strait of Belle Isle between Blanc-Sablon Quebec and St. Barbe, Newfoundland



It is mid October the fall of the year the weather is changing the winds are rising and there will be days, sometimes days on end when the ferry cannot make the crossing.  As it was both going and coming were rough crossings much talk about meds for sea sickness much thought and worry about it.

Me I went to sleep, woke up a couple to times. Some of those around me were not sick but were clearly expecting to be any minute.  They were worrying about future events.

It hit me that this behavior is very much like many of us in our businesses. We are thinking and expecting trouble, problems of all kinds with our business. Just like those dithering about the sea sickness that they might have enroute.

They waste energy talking and thinking about problems that they don’t really have. We see people otherwise good business people struggle and do nothing as they are afraid to risk anything, even their time, to make a project work.  And certainly not money to learn new skills or new programs that would make their business better and better.

Your fear comes from thinking about what will happen, not what is actually happening.  If you do this YOU are worrying about future events.   Watch the present, stay in the present and the sea sickness and the rest will pass away.  When a problem presents itself in the present then act on it, fix it.  But don’t sit and worry about what might happen.

Help is around for you.  Support is around for you.   Look at what you can do look at the help that is available from me and others in my group.